Dead End Days: The Complete Scripts

First Edition (October 31, 2005)

Paperback - 470 pages (October 31, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN: 0970936303

Dead End Days:The Complete Scripts compiles acclaimed screen and playwright Jason Patrick Rothery’s original drafts for all 48 episodes with never-before-seen development material including 24 exclusive production photos. Jason takes the reader behind-the-scenes to share how he learned to cope with the unique production challenges of a weekly serial, which often forced last minute script changes, led to a protean plot, and left no time for rewrites. This omnibus package is compelling reading for Dead End Days fans, writing students, independent filmmakers, and zombiphiles alike.


Dead End Days: The Complete Series

Limited Edition DVD Box Set

In a post-war society where a zombie invasion has been narrowly averted, humanity is left struggling to cope with the remaining zombie “demographic” that now forms a part of daily life.

The dark social satire follows the adventures of a slew of colourful characters, including Eric (an apathetic video store clerk trafficking in black market classic horror movies), Ashley (a frustrated life insurance agent deluges with undead policy holders), Sam and Bridget (freelance zombie hunters desperate for a gig), and Bruce (the irritatingly cheerful previously-deceased rights activist), all struggling to find their place in this strange new world.

Dead End Days: The Complete Series,  contains all 48 original episodes of the cult web-serial, and every “special edition” bonus episode in one complete package with hours of never-before-seen extra features including:

  1. -Over 30 Minutes of Hilarious Bloopers!

  2. -4+ Hours of Optional Commentary Tracks!

  3. -Special “Behind the Scenes” featurettes!

  4. -And More!

This 4-Disc set comes backed in a limited-edition clamshell that is only available on-line from Rocket Ace Moving Pictures!

Please see our DVD Compatibility Notes before ordering.

4 DVD Box Set

4 Hours, 10 Minutes

English, No Subtitles, Unrated

NTSC - No Region (Plays in any NTSC player)


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