The “Dead End Days” and “Cerealized” DVD sets for sale at the RAMP store are produced using a short-run mastering system which is not compatible with a very small number of older DVD players.

While we have made every effort to create discs which are compatible with the widest range of players, unless you player specifically states that it is DVD-R or DVD+R compatible, it may have trouble reading the discs.

Personal-computer DVD drives, and name-brand players manufactured since 2003 should be fully compatible. Pre 2003 DVD players, Playstation 2, and Original XBox videogame consoles have shown various playback issues.

In the event that you have computability or “disc read” problems and your DVD player is a computer-based drive or a stand-alone DVD player produced after 2003 please contact us at sales (at) rocketace (dot) ca with as much information as possible (including the make and model of your player and any specific error message(s) you are getting). In the unlikely event that we cannot provide you with a compatible set of discs, we will offer a full refund for the item(s) in question less shipping, and return postage costs. We are unable to issue refunds or exchanges for those whose players were manufactured prior to 2003, or are Playstation 2, or original XBox videogame consoles.

Please note than in the over three years we have been offering our shows on DVD we have not had a single return, and thank you for your understanding about this modification to our regular return policy.


Since we’re occasionally asked, we only use Taiyo Yuden DVD media booktyped as DVD-ROM Video. This allows the highest quality and compatibility possible, short of DLT output to glass mastering - which would be prohibitively expensive.

Our sets are authored in Adobe Encore, and mastered using BENQ drives.

Some versions of the “Dead End Days” box set use professionally printed labels, although all sets produced since 2008 use a waterproof full colour disc printing process on Taiyo Yuden Watersheild (tm) discs.

Our packaging is professionally printed in Toronto, Canada.